Workshaala’s initiative to boost “work from home” productivity

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Workshaala, a well-known co-working and managed office space company has taken one of its kind initiatives to boost the productivity of the employees working from home, which is the new normal.

The initiative is called “Homescape”, where they are setting up a home office right where you stay to create a more efficient and proficient workspace at home without spending a fortune. All you have to do is sign up for the service and let them design the best Homescape.

Ever since the global pandemic Coronavirus hit the entire world, it has led to more and more firms announcing work from home. Now it has become a global trend and new normal for a number of employees.

This innovative initiative by Workshaala, is being very well received and is getting good response not only by the companies but by individuals from various firms across sectors. 

Working in office with colleagues, meeting and discussions is definitely one way which contributes to the productivity of an employees, but having a work set-up, with your office desk and your comfortable office chair along with other equipment like a UPS or storage etc. also adds to the productivity as it get you in the right mind set to work for longer hours as required. 

There are just five easy steps to have your own ‘Homescape’ at the comfort of your house, all you have to do is:

1.  Signup: After you sign up, their sales team will get in touch with you and let you know all the subscription options you have to choose from
2.  Order Review: Their team will reach out to you regarding a review after you have placed an order to check out your home
3.  Architect Visit: Their architect will visit your home and get the designs ready accordingly after analysing
4.  Asset Movement: Their team will get all the necessary equipment to your doorstep
5.  A Ready Homescape: After the complete set up at your home in the designated area, your workplace at home is ready 

Interestingly, the Workshaala team will design a space for an employee that fits the unused areas. 

Talking about this initiative, Mr. Manoj Khandelwal, Founder, Workshaala said, “Having your own office at home is the need of the hour. Our designer designs each workstation ‘Homescape’ according to your needs and requirements.

As the future possibly holds work from home as the new normal, where remote working will be on the rise in the near future. Therefore, we at Workshaala want to contribute in our own way to the productivity of the employees by creating your workspace at your comfort.” 

He further added, “Looking at the metropolitan set up and lifestyle, we offer a flexible ‘Homescape’ for everyone.  Whether you stay in an apartment, PG, or your own individual house, we have experts who can customize your own work station according to your space and need”. 

This initiative is not only innovative but cost-saving too. With the help of Workshaala’s  ‘Homescape’ the investment that would go in buying all these elements will cost you way more than what they provide you.

All you have to do is check-out their subscriptions which are designed to not hurt your pocket. 

During the lockdown, as per the government’s mandate employees from various sectors are made to continue their work from home. Talking about the IT industry, about 90% of employees worked from home. So don’t let working from home affect your productivity and enthusiasm or a bad sitting posture taking a toll on your health and your body.

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