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How to live your Best Life : lockdown perspective

Riya Yadav, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial Chance the Rapper’s introduction to Cardi B’s 2018 track, Best Life goes like this: I am living my best life/made a couple of Ms with my best friends/ Turned all my...


How To Make Cleaner Choices For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Riya Yadav, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial As the slow, yet gradual shift towards a greener and cleaner life choices occurs, words such as ‘sustainability’, holistic living’, ‘environmental impact’, etc are often thrown at us. While they may...


A Review to Lipstick Under My Burkha

Mansi Khandelwal, INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial Lipstick under my Burkha was released four years ago and was overlapping and revolving around the dis humanities faced by women in our society. Movie stares four women who were...