Madam Chief Minister

Anubhuti Pradhan, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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Informative political dramas are not specifically a trend in Indian Cinema. In Subhash Kapoor’s political drama, “Madam Chief Minister,” Richa Chadha plays a Dalit Politician from Uttar Pradesh. Such dramas come along with great cinematic expectations. To provide the audience with brilliant insights into the two main themes, politics and gender is a challenge. Their efforts were very visible in the film, however, the movie was rather bland.

Imdb Rating: 4.6/10

Richa Chadha has a role where she had far too much to carry on her shoulders. Although the lead actress isn’t to blame, it is the screenplay that is rudderless. Even quality actors like Saurabh Shukla and Manav Kaul were unable to perform like their usual selves. Any plot revolving around a political clash needs to have a bold antagonist. Neither Akshay Oberoi nor Subhrajyoti Barat’s characters could reach the benchmark.

The movie is average and could have been a lot better. It is not as brilliantly shot as it was supposed to be. They did not do justice to the portrayal of the antagonists. There is, however, a dialogue that one might want to reflect over. A politician in Madam Chief Minister tells another, “This is a state where one who builds the Metro loses and the one constructs a temple wins.”

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