Naxalites and Naxalism attacks in India

INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial

Naksalwad indeed has destroyed many countries; it basically acts as a beaver that is scraping within the country and biting it.

But let us talk about the proper fact that why a citizen of the country adds himself or become a part of these Naksalwad’s groups? which we have never gone to that.

Today many political parties have accepted Naksalwadis and many of these Naxalite organizations have also legally been accepted by the political parties and have also got the right to take part in the elections and many of them are also part of the political parties in the parliament.

It’s basically a group of people who are not satisfied by some of the decisions of the government as some of them aren’t in their favor that’s why they are even allowed to represent themselves in the by-elections of the parliament.

There have been many of the major Naxalism incidents in India: 

  • In 2007 in Bastar (Chattisgarh), over 300 rebels descended on the ghat of 55 policemen.
  • In 2008 Orissa’s Nayagarh the Naxalites killed 14 policemen and a civilian.
  • In 2009 Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli killed 15 CRPF personnel in a major Maoist attack.
  • 2010 Naxalites killed 150 passengers in Kolkata – Mumbai train.
  • in 2010 Naxalites killed 24 parliamentary forces after entering Silda camp in West Bengal.
  • In 2011, a large Naxalite attack in Dantewada in Chhattisgarh killed a total of 76 soldiers, including police personnel, including CRPF personnel.
  • In 2012 Jharkhand’s Garhwa district killed 13 Puliskrmiyon in Briganwa forest near.
  • In 2013 Naxalites killed 27 persons including the Indian National Congress (INC) leader Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. 

These Naxalites groups mainly target the youth and wash their mind in such a way due to which they easily get convinced and start working with the same motive planned by the Naxalites,

Some Naxalite groups also come in contact with the terrorist which may become a threat to the country and may also fulfill the motive of those fundamentalists who are planning for great harm to our country.

Naxalite groups sometimes also sign a pact for the supply of arms and ammunition from the Underworld and other countries Which also provides the ease of money laundering and black marketing Developed country always eradicates or demolishes.

The Enemy Within the country this is the reason it becomes developed as that country is supported by the citizens of that country

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