Cleanliness should start from home

By INN, Chennai, @infodeaofficial:

Clean India’ (Swach Bhaart Abhiyaan) led by P.M. Narendra Modi is on full swing throughout the country and everyone from common man to politicians, celebrities are contributing. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, Salmaan Khaan, Kapil Sharma are also trying to make people aware about this but still awareness among people about cleanliness and understanding seems to going over the head. To give a clean environment to coming generation we need to give importance to cleanliness and waste management. According to many surveys in old and recent times, maximum amount of dangerous waste which affect our nature, human and animals comes from residential waste.

Organic waste gets dissolve easily in nature but others take much more time and some don’t get dissolve at all. That is why it is very necessary that instead of throwing away the waste in drainage or river we should learn waste management and implement the practice at homes. Such act will not just keep our environment clean but we can also recycle and reuse.

Segregate waste and manage

Municipality and other civic bodies should focus on better decantation than collecting it and assembling it one place. It doesn’t keep engage a large part of land but also produce dangerous fluid or element which affects surrounding lives and ground water. E-waste, medical waste, battery, plastic are some of the wastes which needs proper disposal at appropriate places to prevent health and environmental hazards. It’s important that elders teach the young ones about waste management techniques. Many educational institutions have started sensitizing youngsters and the community and one example is the premier institute IIT Madras which has different ways of proper waste management. Similar systems are in place at Perumbakam, Kumbhkonam and in Mumbai where waste management is carried out and a biodegradable way is used for decantation of waste.

Dr. S. Mohan, professor, IIT Madras

Sharing his expert opinion to Infodea, Dr. S. Mohan, professor, IIT Madras stresses on the need to use bio reactor waste management.

“In current scenario bio reactor waste management should be used as it’s the most efficient and easy way to dispose waste. The best part of it is it doesn’t affect ground water and also separates many useful materials from waste. By this way we can segregate bio gas fuel from the waste and dangerous gases can be separated and used for many other purposes”.

The IIT Madras professor and his student team are also working on Plasma technique where waste is heated to maximum temperature and different kind of gases is segregate. In this process a solid element comes out which can used for building road, bridge and building.

Alarming situation

Landfills where garbage is dumped for long time produce elements affecting ground water and people living nearby suffer from various diseases and there are instances where people living around haven’t survived more than 60 years. Animals scavenging these places also suffer and spread diseases affecting more people.

Best way to use

People can dig land space like compost pit near their residences to dispose all the organic waste. It will work as natural fertilizer and will enhance the fertility of land. The government should make it mandatory for industry particularly real state to have a system at residential or commercial complexes while constructing buildings. Also these facilities should be equipped with waste management and all residential and commercial complexes should have roof top gardening so they can make use of their own organic waste as fuel and energy source.

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