Amity University conducts workshop on social media

By Sandhya Chauhan, @kedhyaa:

Amity School of Communication and Centre for Social Research, Delhi together conducted a workshop on Facebook recently. The workshop was aimed at enlightening the students about the safety measures to be taken into consideration while surfing their social platforms with ‘Facebook’ as the supreme focus.
Arnika, who came from Delhi to host this workshop, elaborated the pros and cons of social networking sites. She introduced the students to various new security features available on facebook settings to which most of the students were oblivious to. She taught students how to make three trusted contacts and how to turn off all their login sessions from various locations. Arnika also stressed the need to be sensitive and diligent while writing anything on our social networking platforms as we never know whom we can harm or bully unintentionally. The organizers emphasized on careful handling because we can’t see through it being a virtual space and a yellow 3D figure which cannot measure the depth of our laughs and the aligned lines on our forehead when everything is falling apart.
The workshop dropped two new messages in the inbox of the conscience of the participants, first the need to not fall in the trap of memes and trolls and second to respect the liberty and freedom offered by social networking sites which implies not questioning PM about his personal life just because we have a button to do that.

The organizing team made students play various games and activities that witnessed sufficient participation which was a first to them and to some of the students as well who mentioned while reviewing the session that it was the first workshop which was so enthralling and informative simultaneously that they didn’t feel the need to check their cell phones.
Arnika appreciated the enthusiasm of the participants to make the workshop a huge success.

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