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Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (HIMSR) located in Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi, means to facilitate its degree in life sciences and health areas and give brilliant clinical education. The establishment is upheld by HAHC Hospital that gives exceptional medical care at affordable rates with more than 530 beds. It has 2 squares Block A and B-that gives tertiary level clinical consideration. One of these buildings has 340 beds and was converted into a Covid Ward during these times and the hospital played a crucial role in overall Covid facilities as well. Recently the ETHealthworld interviewed the CEO of HIMSR to find out more about India’s head medical services schooling suppliers that has specialized over the course of the decade, as a centre for medical research and all the more as of late as an exceptional Covid management centre.

Orthopedics - Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (HIMSR)

When asked about why people are not aware about HIMSR, he said, “Individuals believe that Hamdard is confined to traditional medication, so we need to make a solid effort to say that other than customary medication, we are additionally into present day medication. Satisfying the vision of Hakeem Abdul Hameed to make an organization for the enduring humankind, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (HIMSR) keeps on being a self-financing, independent private foundation that tries to be an equal private medical services framework in New Delhi.”

The Economics times also asked Dr. G.N. Qazi to narrate the hospital’s experience in handling COVID. He said that the hospital had already done a lot of research about Covid and also arranged the needed facilities and that’s why it also became the centre of diagnostics for this pandemic. They used one of their buildings to admit only COVID patients and the second one for treating normal patients.

On being asked how Humdard handled the pandemic waves, the answer was, “I should say that we were maybe pre-arranged much ahead of time. Furthermore, we expected a second wave from the examination, the result of the patients that we had, we had seen it coming to us. Furthermore, the basic patients who couldn’t get obliged in the public authority medical clinics would come to us. Also, there were no deaths at all due to the scarcity of oxygen since we had made the office as the issue went onto us. So that is the altruistic foundation of this hospital. Plus, we have adhered to the cause and that is what Hamdard essentially relies on – sharing of agony and making individuals protected from possibility.

The ET asked about the financial support for HIMSR, Dr. Qazi said, “Hamdard National Foundation is one of the advertisers of the school and they are taking care of all the monetary help, which HIMSR needs, on a need premise on the grounds that our main goal is good cause. We would prefer not to charge excessively for medicines. There is no benefit rationale in this specific mission and it has been made to contribute generally to our general public.”

Dr. Qazi also spoke about the Vaccination process and said, “We additionally turned into the main vaccination point of South Delhi. Covishield was the immunization allotted to us and we serviced everybody who arrived at our hospital, till it was halted from the state government, then, at that point we returned to the organization. We got this season’s virus immunization from Hyderabad, Bharat Biotech. Furthermore, presently for half a month, we’re as of now giving the antibody, Covaxin at our office.


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