NIT Andhra Pradesh to collaborate with Industry on Mobile Satellite Communications, Semiconductor Design & Power Quality in Renewable Technology

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National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh is going to collaborate with industry partners on cutting-edge areas such as Mobile Satellite Communications, Semiconductor Design, and Power Quality in Renewable Technology.

One of the key areas of the collaboration with SCARLET is on creating secure communications and preventing any unauthorized access. The areas of collaboration with InstaSine and BITSILICA is on power quality enhancement in renewable energy systems and semiconductor design respectively. 

The Institute signed the MoUs on Monday (12th July 2021), entering into a formal academia-institute collaboration with Scarlet Industries, BITSILICA, and InstaSine Power Technologies Private Limited.

The agreements were signed by Prof. C.S.P. Rao, Director, NIT Andhra Pradesh, and Mr. Sreeram M.M., Managing Director Scarlet Industries, Mr. Bhaskar Kakani, Chief Executive Officer, Bitsilica, and Dr. Bharath Ambati, Director and Co-Founder, InstaSine Power Technologies Private Limited.

The three industry partners will offer free internships for NIT Andhra Pradesh Students and will explore bringing in the M.Tech. and Ph.D. students on to their respective firms’ R&D facility. The companies would also recruit, based on their requirements, Final Year B. Tech students of NIT Andhra Pradesh for their facilities and/or their sister concerns effective from the Academic Year 2021-22.

Highlighting the Industry-oriented R&D culture of the Institute, Prof. C.S.P. Rao, Director, NIT Andhra Pradesh, said, “These collaborations will benefit both the Industries and the Institute. We have talented faculty, highly motivated students and good collaborative partners. The kind of benefit we are looking for is the creation of training facilities for our students and encourage the students to emulate the industry founders.” 

Further, Prof. C.S.P. Rao said, “Training in industry is important as per New Education Policy as well; We send our students for one-month industry training. For the benefit of the working people of MoU linked industry, NIT Andhra Pradesh has made a provision to enroll for MS, M.Tech or PhD programs and can complete their studies even while working.” 

The major outcomes envisaged from these collaborations include:

Ø  NIT Andhra Pradesh and SCARLET/BITSILICA/INSTSINE offer the expertise and capacities for mutual exploitation to develop and deliver new technology as per the needs of the nation.

Ø  Taking-up joint Research projects from sponsored/Government funded organizations.

Ø  Increasing core company placement opportunities

Elaborating on these collaborations, Dr. Sankar Peddapati, Associate Dean (Research and Consultancy), NIT Andhra Pradesh, said, “These MoUs will facilitate exchange of personnel, researchers and industry internships for NIT Andhra Pradesh Students.

Scarlet Industries was established in 2011 and is part of group of companies with more than 60 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing activities. It is equipped with state-of-art-facilities for design, Engineering, electronic assembly, and testing facility, clean room facilities besides heavy fabrication and machining facilities.

The collaboration between NIT Andhra Pradesh and Scarlet industries is to offer the expertise and capacities for mutual exploitation to develop optimal Mobile Satellite Communication Systems.

Looking forward to this collaboration, Mr. Sreeram M.M., Managing Director SCARLET Industries, said, “The collaboration between NIT Andhra Pradesh and Scarlet Industries will focus on developing emerging technologies towards minimizing the energy requirement and threats in the Satellite Communications.

Bitsilica is a VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration), Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions Startup, delivering AI/ML-based IoT Edge Computing Solutions.

The Principal subjects of research cooperation between NIT Andhra Pradesh and Bitsilica would be semiconductor design and verification processes, methodologies, emerging trends in Chip Design Industry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision and related technologies.

Lauding the industry-oriented outlook of NIT Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Bhaskar Kakani, Chief Executive Officer, Bitsilica, said, “We are taking the next step for developing indigenous solutions. Our team of 70-plus engineers are working on technologies that the industry is looking for. We look forward to working with NIT Andhra Pradesh and growing.

Founded in 2016 by a group of IIT Delhi alumni, InstaSine works in digital control systems and power electronics with a focus on power quality enhancement and renewable energy systems.

NIT Andhra Pradesh and Instasine will undertake Research and Development in power electronics converter topologies, magnetics, Artificial Neural Network, and adaptive control to system optimization.

Highlighting the goals of this partnership, Dr. Bharath Ambati, Co-Founder, InstaSine Power Technologies Private Limited, said, “Our startup has drawn appreciation from top companies on the reliability and energy efficiency of the products at affordable rates. We would like to have collaborative research with NIT Andhra Pradesh on developing new products. The outcome should result in a startup.

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