Creative transformation of education to inspire young minds

By INN (Infodea News Network)

The 8th Kuruvila Jacob Memorial Oration was held recently to honour the great educationist and humanist, Kuruvila Jacob. This annual event is held on August 3 where renowned personalities are invited to address the audience on current educational issues. The topic for this session was ‘Transformational Teaching’.

Ramji Raghavan, founder and chairman, Agastya International Foundation, Andhra Pradesh was the chief guest for the session. K M, Mammen, CMD, MRF Ltd. S. Viji, chairman, Sundaram Finance and N. Murali, co-chairman, Kasturi & Sons, the prime movers of the Kuruvila Jacob Memorial Educational Trust were present along with V K Chandrakumar, committee member.

Speaking on the topic, Ramji Raghavan said, “Our country needs to open up the creative potential of the students. Rather than the systematic teaching, the educational institutions should focus to kindle the scientific temper of the students when they are young. This is where the role of teachers becomes crucial, to inspire and motivate young minds, make them think critically and create curiosity for experimental learning.”

“Inquiry-based model of education, to raise the level of creativity, is the key for a brighter India. India’s literacy-rate has increased over the years but when it comes to innovation our country still has space for improvement. Agastya’s work is simple – our soul focus is to spark curiosity, nurture creativity and build confidence in youths of the villages, by showing them the interesting dimension of studies. This model has worked well and helped us to reach millions of students, transforming their outlook on education.”

Ramji appreciated the work done by Kuruvila Jacob Foundation which focuses on training the Teachers which in turn impact students very positively. He complimented the organizers for relentlessly pursuing the path of progress for teachers to make the impact.

A substantial body of his students and alumni of Madras Christian College High School launched the Kuruvila Jacob Initiative for Promoting Excellence in School Education on August 3, 2004. The initiative is managed by the Kuruvila Jacob Memorial Educational Trust comprising the old students of Kuruvila Jacob, from the Madras Christian College High School.

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