Centre allocates Rs 19,041-crore for BharatNet expansion

Aryan Jain, INN/ Uttar Pradesh

@Aryanjain0012, @Infodeaofficial

At recent times, in the rural areas there are still many villages who suffer from lack of proper network connectivity. They face a lot of problems regarding network facilities, but the government is working on it and they made the network connectivity possible in many areas and many villages are now able to connect each other.

There is a growing number of digital adoption like e- education or e- health, all over the country including rural areas too, as this COVID-19 pandemic has made to do so.

According to the latest data released by the government, the targeted 2.5 lakh gram panchayats (village blocks) covering more than 6 lakh villages, 1,56,223 blocks have been covered by May 31 and the additional outlay will be used to connect the balance.

The government on Monday said it’s anything but an extra Rs 19,041-crore towards the extension and upgradation of BharatNet, a cross country drive to associate 6 lakh towns with optic fibre-based organization for the conveyance of Internet administrations.

The Rs. 19,041 crore for broadband to every town through BharatNet public-private association model has been reserved as a piece of Digital India program, as indicated by a show by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. With the extra whole, the all out cost for the BharatNet project has arrived at Rs. 61,109 crores that incorporates the all-around endorsed measure of Rs 42,068 crores in 2017.

BharatNet, initially considered during the Manmohan Singh-drove UPA-II government in October, 2011, has been damaged with different provokes prompting missing of a few cut-off times. The cut-off time to interface all the 2.5 lakh town blocks in the nation to give 100 Mbps information network has effectively been expanded a few times, with the current cut-off time of August 2021 expected to be stretched out too.

But, the government is working on reaching out each part of the country digitally and it will be possible very soon as the situation is not so good currently, so it can be delayed.

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