Airtel Deploys Additional Spectrum In 900 MHz Band to Boost Indoor Coverage in Himachal

Nikita Shekhawat , INN/Telengana

@NikitaS53626040, @Infodeaofficial

The high-speed distribution and accessibility of the 900 MHz spectrum enabled broadband network access and advanced data blockchain with better integration within homes and urban and rural buildings.

This addition has recently added a 17.4 MHz spectrum throughout Himachal Pradesh and could also strengthen network capabilities and gain access to faster data services for customers, he added.

The delivery of 9.6 MHz to the 900 MHz spectrum band of high-speed data services goes hand in hand with the effort to bring deep and in-depth access to our customers throughout Himachal Pradesh. Cruel investment in network development and a new spectrum to bring world-class service experience to customer time is crucial.

Airtel has the largest 70 MHz band in Himachal Pradesh with 40 MHz in 2300 MHz band, 20 MHz in 1800 MHz + 2100 MHz band, and 10 MHz in 900 MHz band. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, job acceptance from home, online classes, video streaming has proven to be a huge increase.

Airtel’s intervention to create more power will be a long way in helping customers stay connected to all parts of the world. Airtel has also deployed technologies and advanced networks such as pre-5G Massive MIMO, 4G Advanced and Carrier Aggregation to increase network capacity.

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