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Chintu Ka Birthday in the direction of Devanshu Singh and Satyanshu Singh released on 5th June 2020 on ZEE5, produced by a group of comedians. Featuring the mixture of young and old characters Vinay Pathak, Tiltorama Shome and Vedant Chibber in the lead roles. As judged by the name of the movie, that the movie is based on family drama and kids fantasies but reality speaks for itself. The movie genre is based on drama, thrill and suspense. The trailer of the movie tells a different story about it but is it worth watching!?

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Chintu Ka Birthday is based on a true story and a real-life event in April 2004, during Saddam Hussain’s fall in Iraq. The story of an Indian family stuck in Iraq and looking forward to celebrating their youngest son’s birthday Chintu (Vedant Chibber) who’s turning 6 in few days. Everyone seems to be happy and busy in the preparations of the party but with the fall of Hussain, things took drastic turns. Indian government started to evacuate the Indian citizens of the country but the family of Madan (Vinay Pathak) was not that lucky due to their illegal migration in Baghdad. The clueless 6year old Chintu was still expecting his 6th birthday to be special with a cake but due to the critical conditions in Iraq, they didn’t get the items from the stores like decorations and food items. Madan somehow manages all of that but the friends that were invited to the party has already left the country. Madan invites his landlord friend Mahdi (Khalid Massou) to the party. Chintu’s sister Lakshmi and mother Sudha (Tillotama Shome) bake the cake and everything is set for the party when another blast disrupts their celebration. Following the event his friend Waheed arrived at his house and asked to hide him, he agreed and hide him in the storeroom. Waheed is another Fantastic character in the movie as he smuggles drugs, Jihadi materials and adult DVDs to the U.S soldiers with a smile on his face. He befriends one of the soldiers and cheers them on as they chase after one of his countrymen. Two U.S soldiers come to the house to find out the suspect behind the blast. The rest is for the viewers to discover.

The cinematography by Siddharth Diwan and the production by comedian Tanmay Bhath has given the real-life essence to the movie. From the starting to the very end the family drama and the funny role of the characters are in place. The movie is a well-written piece of art that will make your experience enriched with joy and because of the great editing and the scripting the viewers will not take their eyes off the screen for a second. The characters in the movie have done a great job and played a significant role according to the real-life situation. The screenplay sometimes is negligibly slow but worth watching.

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