Online education is not the solution

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
Twitter- @soumyaT38144281, @Infodeaofficial

Education is one of the most important spheres of life for every youngster. Firstly, the child is mandatory studying at school, then in college or at the university. Indeed, today’s world is full of competition and education is so necessary to survive.

But suddenly, the current situation around the world with COVID-19 made adjustments to the educational system. COVID-19 has impacted most of the aspects of our lives in so many negative ways. Including challenges faced by students during online classes. Online education is seen as a solution to the education emergency. The whole education system has been extremely affected by the COVID-19 as well. Students find it difficult to adapt to an online learning environment immediately after traditional classroom learning. Time management is the most important factor in online learning. It needs time and effort for better learning outcomes. Students have to be punctually active related to time.

Learning Online: Problems and Solutions | UNICEF North Macedonia

As even though the educational systems have adapted a lot with online classes but still it is going to affect the educational system a lot. All students have to study online from home. But online education has plenty of advantages and disadvantages as well. However, a good thing does not come without challenges. Connection problems of the internet or unavailability of the internet can cause hindrance in online education. As online education uses audio and video, data consumption is high. Students drop out due to data lack getting exhausted. This may even cause them to lag behind there rest of the classes.

Many students may have trouble staying focused while studying online due to the lack of observation. If you have lack self-discipline then this may cause you to get distracted and lose focus. The absence of a classroom environment may cause you to lose motivation to study. This is why students often leave their online education halfway. The biggest challenge is the ability to motivate yourself. You are responsible for monitoring yourself to purchase and watch classes, allocating time for learning, searching for resources, and eating yourself because nobody is monitoring you during online classes.

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