Why India’s exports are at a record high

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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India’s economy has been regaining at high speed after the destructive second wave of Covid-19 dented the GDP expansion prospect. One of the components that performed a crucial part in the return is the development in merchandise exports.

Merchandise exports from India strike a record high of $35.2 billion in July 2021 — the outstanding monthly figure ever in the countries as a comparison to the past records. It is a rise of 47.91 per cent over the $23.78 billion in July 2020 and a boost of over 34 per cent over the $26.23 billion in 2019.

India's exports rise to all-time high of $95 billion in June quarter |  Business Standard News

The data disclosed by the Ministry of Commerce demonstrates that Indian exports have deliberately accumulated after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted world trade. In 2021, Indian exports appear to be growing rapidly than ever.


The quantity of merchandise a nation export influences an important position in earnings production and economic development. Various economists have brought out that massive exports benefit nations to rise instantly in terms of GDP and domestic production.

In easy words, exports are interests (services in some cases) generated in one country and traded to customers in another country. The customer could either be a particular player or the government of a country.

Exports and imports form the ground of international exchange — one of the important justifications why countries conserve reasonable sensitive connections.

Exports in a nutshell

* Exports are important for a country’s economic development as they enable in establishing domestic jobs, infrastructure, demand and GDP

* It is significant for countries to conserve export-import proportion to conserve advancement momentum

* Higher imports and inadequate exports could negatively affect the economy and head to the diminishment of the currency

* Exports request millions of small business holders and corporate corporations entry to a larger global market

* Merchandise exports from India strike a record high of $35.2 billion in July 2021


Exports are incredibly crucial for the across-the-board development of a country’s economy and for global trade as well. In this period of globalisation, highest prominent economies in the world are also the main exporters.

For instance, China is the world’s dominating exporter of goods, pursued by the US, Germany and Japan. India, too, is coming up with the grades as it maintains broadening its global export impression. Currently, India is one of the prime agricultural exporters in the world.

Exports offer millions of small business owners and corporate businesses entry to a broader, global market, where they can trade their products.

Higher exports enable corporations and businesses placed in one country to maximise sales and earnings besides illustrating a recourse to apprehend a good piece of global market share in a specific segment.

It is worth remembering that exports not only benefit governments develop extra earnings but moreover benefit exporters — small businesses and important companies — broaden operations due to higher profits.

Experts declare that exports considerably benefit a nation to increase per capita income, which is crucial for developing higher domestic income and need. Higher experts also enable create additional employment recourses, which eventually summarizes into elevated GDP growth.

Hence, a strong export process can considerably improve a country’s economic development if imports do not better the outflow of welfares.

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