Freedom allures us all

But it could be a privilege of a fortunate few

By- Neha Choubey, INN/Gwalior, @Infodeaofficial

Independence was earned for this nation after a great deal of struggle. We have even celebrated 71st Independence Day last month, yet the thought of freedom puts us to a lot of debate on our mental framework. 
But are we really free? Do we truly have freedom of living in a dignified manner? We are often compelled to ask ourselves these questions? The circumstances we live in often make us often encounter these questions and search for their replies.
If freedom means not being ruled or slaved by a foreign country, then surely we are a free nation. But corruption, inequality, rapes, female foeticide, terrorism, unwanted politics, crimes and what not have surrounded us. Is this the freedom for which our nation fought for?
We, as a citizen of India are being honored with tones of rights which our constitutions provides us say right to freedom, right to equality, right to education and culture, right against exploitation and etc. Which as stated in constitution is equal to everyone. But are we really able to exercise them? Are the really equally applicable?
Do you think in today’s scenario we are liberal enough to express ourselves when people are getting mob lynched for doing so, are women equal enough to stand on her own feet when they are not even allowed to be born, are we free enough to speak about the corruption without worrying about those powerful politician and what about rapes? 
What about poverty and injustice? No matter how glorified our nation has become from  outside, it requires to grow from within. The roots are what nourishes the fruit which are in the interiors. And for our nation to flourish, equal rights should not remain on the realms of preaching.
One cannot gain happiness if they are not free from these problems too. You cannot realize the pleasure of life if you’re bound to any restrictions or being ruled by someone. Freedom or independence is really important for a person, but when it comes to a nation it’s even bigger. 
However, happiness of a nation is derived from the happiness of the people. What can keep people happy will keep the nation joyous. Citizens will be delighted when they are totally free from all problems.


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