Centre of Excellence at Shasun Jain College

Isha Chauhan, INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial
Knowledge is the noblest of all treasures
City-based college to start the center of excellence
Knowledge is the noblest of all the treasures and sharing it would only enhance its value was the message driven home by film director Subhash Ghai from Shri Shankarlal Sundarbhai Shasun Jain College for Women, a popular educational institution based in Chennai.
The well-known movie maker drove home the point when the city-based college signed a MoA with Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC). As per this, the college will get a center of excellence in media, entertainment, and communication.
MESC COO Mohit Soni and college secretary S Abhaya Kumar Jains signed the MoA on behalf of both the organizations.
The approval to grant the center of excellence to the college only promotes the aspirations.
Both the institutes cherish the dream of generating skilled human resources. Desire is to turn India into a skill bank of the world, said Abhaya Kumar. We are confident of achieving this, he said.
The center of excellence will offer courses on topics related to filmmaking like directing, photography, lighting, make-up skills. Courses in gaming, animation, and visual effects will also be offered. The courses will be open from next year.
Qualification for each course is different, the duration of the course will be from six months to a year. The certificate provided on course completion will have a global recognition as it will have the seal of approval from the Ministry.
MESC is supported by National Skill Development Corporation, Government of India. College principal Poorna also spoke. Bharatanatyam exponent Padma Subrahmanyam was among those present.
The students are delighted to have this opportunity. This what they have to say,
“Opens up windows to a whole new range of opportunities and ideas. I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”, Pooja Shah, final year student at Shasun said.
“Through the center of excellence, a new set of courses are being added on which is a great platform for the students to open up their choices and learn something out of the way.”, Ojaswi Lodha shared her views on the launch.

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