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Why a career in Human Resource Management can bring out the best in you?

Khevna.P.Shah, INN/Bangalore @Shahkhevna1, @Infodeaofficial Human resources management oversees and executes the hiring, training, compensation recruiting, and benefits. And depending on the size of an organization, dedicated compensation and benefits specialists or managers may develop and...


Does ‘Right to Education’ exist in India?

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh Twitter- @soumyaT38144281, @Infodeaofficial Article 21A declares that the state shall provide free and compulsory education to all the children of age six to fourteen year’s in such a manner as the...


Career as Astronaut

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad @Tragicfonts, @Infodeaofficial An Astronaut is a person who flies into the space. The word Astronaut owes its origin to Greek words – “Astro” meaning celestial body or star and “nautis” meaning sailor, which together means that “Star Sailor.”...