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An Astronaut is a person who flies into the space. The word Astronaut owes its origin to Greek words – “Astro” meaning celestial body or star and “nautis” meaning sailor, which together means that “Star Sailor.” Usually, people who are inhabitants of USA, Japan, North American country and European Countries (except for France wherever the astronauts are known as Spationauts) and fly or have flown to outer-space are known as Astronauts. Astronaut from Russia are termed as travellers and China called Taikonaut.

Earlier, Astronaut was thought to be someone who is an observer of some events happening within the outer space and document it. Later, it had been understood that merely observant and documenting extra-terrestrial events don’t seem to be enough and humans should move with these events. So, the main task of the astronaut changed completely in the coming years.

Currently, there are 2 kinds of Astronauts – Pilot Astronauts and Mission Specialist Astronauts.


Eligibility to become Astronaut

Here are some eligibility criteria that an aspirant should fulfil to attain his/her dream of turning into  an Astronaut.

Nationality Eligibility to become an Astronaut:

An aspirant need to be a permanent citizen of Republic of India to be eligible to become an Astronaut in India.

Gender & Age Eligibility to become an Astronaut

Any male or feminine permanent resident of Republic of India is eligible to become an Astronaut in India and there’s no age eligibility criteria that an aspirant need to satisfy to become an Astronaut.

Medical associated Physical Eligibility to become an Astronaut

* Average height demand for an Astronaut – N/A

* Weight demand – should be in fine condition as per the gender and age

* Health demand – satisfactory anamnesis, traditional pressure and ideal vision sharpness

Educational Qualification to become an Astronaut

A Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD degree within the STEM field or Aeronautical/Aerospace engineering is the expected qualification that an aspirant should possess to become an Astronaut.

During the initial stages, agencies like better to send Air Force personnel for his or her manned space travel programme thanks to the essential expertise of flying possessed by the pilots.

Skills associated necessities to Become an Astronaut

* Aspirants should possess an impeccable communicatory proficiency

* Aspirants should possess an explicit range of hours of flying expertise

* Aspirants should be psychologically sturdy enough to remain calm throughout emergency things etc

* should have nice empiric skills

* Aspirants should be snug with multi-tasking


Boons and banes of an Astronaut


  1. Float into the vacuum of space and witness cosmic phenomena from up shut.
  2. Notice and explore unknown planets that are still a mystery.
  3. Visit totally different planets
  4. See the universe from bare eyes.
  5. The prospect to float around in zero gravity.


  1. Space exploration may be a life-risking journey because the danger of satellite explosion is often lurking round the corner throughout the journey back to earth once the satellite enters the planet atmosphere.
  2. Astronauts are exposed to natural dangers in Space.
  3. The space trash from over fifty years of space exploration create danger to astronauts thanks to the chance of space dust returning into contact with the hull of the satellite.
  4. Astronauts are extremely exposed to radiation at space.
  5. Post space exploration health effects.


Income/Salary of Astronaut

Astronauts build a hefty quantity of cash in organisations in Asian country hiring them. In conjunction with the engaging remuneration package, the astronauts also are offered many different advantages to them like travel allowances, medical advantages and housing facilities. Though there’s no limit for the money, an Astronaut will build, on average, an Astronaut will be paid  between Rs,50,000/- to some lakhs per month.

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