UTSAV by PIYAS: A Specially Designed Holistic Health and Wellness Program

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As more people becoming aware of their health, mentally, emotionally and physically well-being, holistic natural care has rapidly increased in popularity and has entered the mainstream mindset… Prajna Institute of Yoga and Allied Sciences(PIYAS) is a holistic health and wellness centre in Bangalore who provide a whole range of allied medical practices like yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda, spirituality and more. Recently, PIYAS conducted “UTSAV” led by Dr Neetu Jain and Dr Mahendra Balar at Hotel Regenta Central Deccan, the first time ever that was happened in Chennai for a one day affair.

“UTSAV” is a 3-day residential program that is conducted in Deccan Park Resorts in Fernhill, Ooty which is a “Design Your Own Health” program with people coming in from all over the world. And it was conducted in Chennai for the first time to help raise awareness of alternative options for healing and also to educate around 62 people on the importance of maintaining a holistic lifestyle. The program started with a healthy breakfast spread of Fruits and nuts at 8 AM.

Dr Neethu, the founder of PIYAS started the session with an introduction to PIYAS, how they are helping to transform lives going and doing the natural way. She explained on how in today’s world are dependent on drugs in curing diseases and our dependence on these is wrecking havoc on our bodies, she said. Naturopathy is the answer as it relies on natural elements only without using any drugs or medicines. Benefits of naturopathy were discussed in detail and testimonials were played to the attendees where they speak on how their ailments were cured using naturopathy.

The session progressed with how life is connected to 5 elements of nature, aka.. Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. A balance or imbalance between them is the cause of diseases and how it forms the building block of naturopathic treatment was explained. Like for example, the  attendees were told to rub their hands together, generating heat which constitutes the fire element. The importance of Yoga and how it can be incorporated into daily lifestyle along with simple breathing techniques and how to relax were discussed followed by a well balanced diet for lunch.

Right after the break, Dr Mahendra Balar, an acclaimed Consultant Pathologist and Hematologist in Bangalore for fifteen years before joining the naturopathy bandwagon at PIYAS, gave an insight on how he came into naturopathy and natural healing that enlighten the participants scientifically, how it helps in curing diseases without the help of pills. He gave examples on how turmeric has been used for centuries and have been forgotten how it is actually powerful in curing many ailments like treating sore throats, wounds and etc.

He further explained how and when we go to the doctor, our mind conditions has set itself in accepting whatever the doctor’s prognosis. For example, when you check your blood pressure at home, it will be normal or well within range. A spurt will be observed when the same person visits the doctor. How did that happen? The answer is in the mind. It starts to race within the spike. Our minds are subject to wavering and can be controlled using Yoga. “Yoga helps an individual to train the mind and seek peace” he concluded.

The session resumed with Dr Neethu who took over where she made the attendees join the PIYAS’s special activity of yoga asanas and stretching exercises. The attendees got a chance to expressed their thoughts and concerns after the session and doubts were clarified. The program concluded with a prayer and a vote of thanks.

For more information feel free to contact Dr.Jayaprakash at  98739 24680

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