Nokia launches networking solution to help customers utilize unlicensed spectrum for private 4.9G/LTE

Mansi Khandelwal, INN/New Delhi,


Nokia is launching a networking solution for those who don’t have the license for the 4.9G private spectrum. And this technology may help to add an additional capacity of 5GHz to the unlicensed spectrum.

Nokia- the telecom gear makers have launched MFA (MultiFire Alliance) a certified 4.9G/LTE private wireless solution, this MultiFire router 700 user equipment (UE) will now be available for all the users with or without licensed spectrum, it will be available for Nokia digital automation cloud.

Nokia has made its MultiFire wireless solution available for both permanent and temporary deployments, like media broadcasting, sporting, etc.

The LTE-based MultiFire technology mainly operates in unlicensed spectrum, which will have an additional 5GHz global band. Also, this carrier-grade 4.9G/LTE private wireless to all new users.

The main point behind launching this is that the new technology will be available for the users who don’t have the access to the licensed spectrum, or it can be said that it is now available for global deployments, and will also have an additional capacity of 5GHz global band.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia Cloud and Networking Services in an interview said that “Being first to market with the only fully industry-approved MulteFire solution available, allows Nokia to set a new standard in wireless broadband convenience and affordability for a worldwide mass market. Our unique MulteFire UE solution further extends our market-leading portfolio of industrial-grade connectivity solutions, and by doing so, also brings Industry 4.0 one step closer for small and medium-sized enterprises,”

Adding points to Stephan’s points, Will Townsend, Senior Analyst, Security, Carriers and Enterprise Networking, Moor Insights and Strategy said “MulteFire has the potential to significantly contribute to private wireless networking adoption given its ability to deploy over unlicensed spectrum. Nokia’s focus on easing deployment based on a plug-and-play approach could make it a compelling consideration for enterprises concerned about the complexities of managing cellular networking infrastructure,”

The telecom gear makers have more than 290 enterprise customers all over the world, of which 40 are incorporating 5G networks. They said that they are even planning to deliver ‘Uni5G Technology Blueprints’  all around I industries to increase and motivate a huge use of unlicensed spectrum

It is also added that the gear makers provide deployed wireless networks to more than 1500 leading enterprise customers of different fields like in public sectors segments, large enterprises, manufacturing webscale, transport energy, etc.

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