The power of Facebook pages in the modern era

By Manan Chopra, INN, @infodeaofficial, New Delhi; 

Technology and Social Media are the hands of the clock for today’s generation as they spend almost 70% of their time being online on some kind of social network or fiddling around with a tech gadget. Facebook has over 2 billion users and it has become a lifestyle in itself for the people of every age group. So many users present in one place sounds like an opportunity for something special and hence, Facebook pages took their first breath.

Facebook is treated like a database of a large number of people and pages are created with an agenda of spreading awareness about an individual or company’s  work with the ultimate goal of establishing a brand out of it. Endeavors of every domain started to use Facebook as an advertising platform and created their pages to connect with people easily while earning loads of profit through the same. This created job opportunities of Adwords, SEO, SMO etc as it was imperative to understand the science behind how Facebook ranks the pages, through which the page owners got a better idea about the kind of content that interests the users. Pages like So Delhi, Little Black Book etc. grabbed the opportunity with both hands and set up 6.5 lakh likes, in total, by making the people of Delhi aware of food, offbeat restaurants  and much more in the city. Informative sites Scoopwhoop used their Facebook page to rank their site higher on Google regarding any travel, books or miscellaneous search. People, even students, started to earn money with troll pages drawing over 10 lakh likes which was a unique revolution in itself. Pages also help in distributing the art of small scale artists to places which wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

Power of Social media has had an influence on all generations since its inception and Facebook Pages have been instrumental in maintaining and increasing this power. Facebook Pages are a medium of generating employment, money and attention of the masses and will keep on exponentially increasing the same in near future.

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