By Janani M.P., INN, @infodeaofficial, Chennai; 

In today’s society, new media plays a vital role in shaping people’s mindset as they are connected with various sites and blogs to communicate and for other purpose to satisfy their information curiosity via the internet. The internet is deeply embedded in the daily lives of people of all age groups and is pivotal in field of communication, education, information and entertainment individually. Though there are many technologies that have changed the lifestyle of people but existence of internet has substantially made the work of various fields such as mail, travel booking,banking etc. look like a piece of cake.Among the students, internet has had a 360 degree  impact by providing online educational courses for free which has reduced the effort and cost for the students and given them the opportunity for self-paced learning as well as assist them in school projects.Also, our prime minister Narendra Modi has been constantly trying to transform India into digital India where people from any corner of the country can learn and enjoy the uses and benefits of internet.Thus, new media is considered as a one of the most powerful mediums to communicate and to reach the people easily from anywhere.

As every coin has two sides, everything in this world exists with pros and cons.Nowadays, students and children are spending much of their time on many social sites to share their update or to send pictures etc. but however, they use such sites more than 3 or 4 hours and slowly get addicted to it. Instead of utilizing the internet for learning and limiting the active time on social media, students are getting sucked into the quicksand of addictive internet.

Children have unknowingly inculcated hours of unfruitful social media interaction in their daily schedule and in turn, are becoming the victims of decreased productivity and thinking skills. Parents also play a key role in this fiasco as they have provided their children with individual mobile phones rather than promoting physical and learning activities like reading, public speaking etc. to invest their time. At such a tender age, the guidance of elders is imperative in shaping the present mindset as well as the future of children as this is the age where they can be guided about the correct observations and habits to adopt for their further life.

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