Tamilnadu Badminton Super League

By – INN/Chennai,@infodeaofficial

Tamilnadu Badminton Association announced the first edition of TN Badminton Super League in the year 2018. The league is all set to kick off this October ( 2nd -7th) and will hold performances from several players across Tamil Nadu and from other parts of the country. In a bid to popularise the sport and take it to homes for direct viewing, talks are with Star Sports Tamil , to be the broadcast partners for the event.

Tamilnadu Badminton Super League hopes to find more such sporting legends in the nooks and crannies of the state. The league hopes to identify indigenous superstars, hone them and provide them the platform to be noticed at an international level.

  1. Sivakumar, Chairman of Tamilnadu Badminton Super League, said, “Franchises from eight districts in Tamilnadu will battle it out in a fierce battle at The Forum Vijaya Mall starting in October. With jubilant crowds, the energy will be soaring and the players will receive the much needed encouragement. The league also promises a big cash prize. The teams will primarily consist of four players from Tamil Nadu and six from across the country”.
    “ With a calculated approach, skill, financial aid and the spirit of competition, we hope that players make the most of the occasion.The tournament is likely to see top seeded Indian players and talks are on.  TNBSL proves to be one of a kind and hopes that victory is the end to hard work which would be the means to prove themselves”, he added. Auction process is in September.

As per the TNBA, the Round Robin format will be followed throughout the League. Many celebrities too have expressed their wish to be brand ambassadors for the teams and the event. Mr. R.Sivakumar said that the main aim is to tap into the local talent pool and promote the exciting sport of Badminton in Tamilnadu.



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