Genshin Impact 2.0 announced: Inazuma city details, free Primogem codes, and more.

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
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The biggest upgrade since the game’s release, Genshin Impact 2.0, has been announced. It introduces the new Inazuma city, which has a distinctive design and layout. There are six islands, but only three will be shown in this update. Players will also be introduced to new characters and gameplay elements. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the new city. We’ve also covered the Primogem redeemable codes that were disclosed at Genshin Impact’s most recent live broadcast event. On July 21, a new version of the game will be launched.

On all sides, the sea surrounds Inazuma, which is made up of six main islands and is frequently accompanied by a strong sea breeze and thunderstorms. The Electro Archon that rules the area has converted to the pursuit of eternity, despite the fact that Inazuma is heavily affected by ephemeral lightning and the Electro element, according to the corporation. On each of the islands in the new metropolis, players will find unique cultural landscapes, stories, secrets, and historical connections to Inazuma and the Electro Archon.

A Grand Narukami Shrine, which enshrines a massive tree resembling a fox, will also be visible to players. This is lovely, as it represents the Electro Archon’s protection of Inazuma as a whole. There’s also a place named Tatarasuna, which is dedicated to swordsmithing. Musoujin Gorge, which was created by a slash of the Electro Archon, is another location.

Three new characters will be introduced in the forthcoming update: Kamisato Ayaka, Sayu, and Yoimiya. Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo sword character that will appear in Chapter II: Act I of an Archon Quest. The players will meet her in Kamisato’s home.

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