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This infrastructure allows them to create a great ecosystem around it which includes events, academies and loads of community building around sports.

S Vishnu Sharma, INN/Chennai, @svs037 

HotFut SUFC partners with Tiki Taka for football

There is a happy news in store for Tamilnadu on the sports front. HotFut SUFC, an organisation into providing sports infrastructure and training tied up with Tiki Taka to provide 10 footballing venues before the end of 2019. Football venue was inaugurated at Vaels International School on East Coast Road on December 7, as a mark of beginning of this venture. The venue has sporting infrastructure of global standards and will promote recreational sporting events and competitions.
Director of HotFut Sports, Pavit Singh said this is a move that they have been planning for a while, and they found the perfect partner in Tiki Taka to bring their quality sports infrastructure to Tamil Nadu. This infrastructure allows them to create a great ecosystem around it which includes events, academies and loads of community building around sports. 
Tiki Taka has already found success in Chennai and will build on that through this joint venture, he added. Prahlad Meyyappan, director, Tiki Taka said they have  received a tremendous response from the people of Chennai to the arenas we have already set up. The partnership with HotFut SUFC gives them a great confidence to further their vision and expand their portfolio of sporting services. We are now looking to delve deeper into multi-sport disciplines and training.
This joint venture marks the entry of South United Football Club (SUFC) into Tamil Nadu, as they aim to set up SUFC academy centres for the football training of children as part of a plan to develop footballing talent in the country. Pranav Trehan, CEO, SUFC elaborating on his vision for the club’s work in Tamil Nadu said their goal is to find people who can excel in football they have extended their search to Tamil Nadu as a part of their objective.
We aim to develop the desired talent with their training expertise. Head coach of SUFC Miquel Llado said a good  content and study plan are required for any footballer to succeed much like a student who desires to be successful in academics. We have developed a methodology to make sure that we can create able players who can take good decisions as well. Football might be about the physical, technical, tactical or the emotional but it is also about the decisions that players are able to make on the field.
They must be able to decide where to pass, when to pass, and why to pass for each and every single situation. It is these decisions that determine the winner. At SUFC, we know this and we teach it, he said. The ecosystem that both the organisations are putting together at Vaels International School is a prototype of the kind of infrastructure and football development framework they would like to replicate in Tamil Nadu.

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