Empowering your children with fire safety know-how it can save lives

Harshit Shrivastava, INN/Madhya Pradesh
Twitter- @harshit29724070,@Infodeaofficial

As a present, firstly we always think what’s best for our children. What types of training, education and skill gives to our children’s.  How to find out more about a food and which food is good or which food is bad, and how to cooking. We send them for some cooking classes and not only girls but boys also, otherwise you give information related to cooking so children know how to cook and what is the important point to remind while the cooking.

Why is this important: –  In cities, mainly both are the working parents, so they may not be able to give proper time towards their children, so because of this many children do cooking by their own and it is risky. According to a 195-nations analysis by global diseases Burden published in The BMJ injury Prevention journal recently, In the report of 2019 alone, India recorded 1.6 million fire and 27.027 deaths. So this is very important to give some cooking knowledge and how to stay safe from fire.

Technology is very good friend of you and your children

Technology is very good friend of you and your children because of the technology provides many types of knowledge and provide many gadgets to keep you  and your children safe. These gadgets identify potential threats in one’s home and installing a simple camera to keep a watch on your child so that u can take care of their every ongoing activities and can also rush at the time of any emergency.


What types of equipment’s are installed in home :-

Fire extinguisher:- A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection devices used to extinguish control small fires. These item are safe you and yours family.

Fire door:– fire doors are built with materials or wood that resist fire as usually 30 minutes that pays time to escape from panic fire made of solid forms

Fire sprinklers:– An automatic fire sprinkler system can save you family lives and property at silly cost which is popular worldwide. It is a direct fire protection technique uses the power of water supply speed connecting with a water distribution pipeline.

Fire hose:– the fire is a long tube holds out a powerful water stream that throws and extinguishes large size fire. The standard length of the hose is 100 ft or 30.48 meter. There are different types of fire hose.

Fire buckets :- the fire buckets are traditionally famous and user in fire-fighter. But you also buy for homes and increase the safety.

Fire Blankets :– the fire blankets are another significant. Fire-fighter suppressor can eliminate the small fires in the early stage. It is very important equipment for the home fire safety.

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