Vishakhapatnam (Vizag)

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Vishakhapatnam is one of the safest city in India. Vishakhapatnam is rich fusion of various culture and spiritualty concord. This city is a combination of New and Old culture. The New architecture shown very beautiful, so this city old and ancient temples and fort are look very beautiful. The people of Vishakhapatnam are very helpful , modest and amicable. Vishakhapatnam’s local language is Telugu and Oriya. They are migrant to some near places Kalinga and Orissa. Vishakhapatnam peoples are work almost every part of India because of Vishakhapatnam education system is high.   

Vishakhapatnam culture

Vizag Culture and custom is one of the renowned among all the way of life of India. Visakhapatnam culture additionally comprises of the type of social dance in Vizag. Numerous Festivals are order inside the state hence on feature this culture of the region seed town. If you would like to prostrate before Hindu gods, then the Simhachalam temple is that the most known one.

Vishakhapatnam famous Food   

Vishakhapatnam cuisine combines the taste of North Indian and South Indian food. The beach side dish of the place is ‘Murri Mixture’. Besides this, Vishakhapatnam foodstuffs also consist of Upmas, Idlis and Dosas. Vishakhapatnam cuisines are special for its yummy chutneys and pickles. Some famous food how know very less peoples (like:- Tomato Bajji, Punugulu, Sweet Cone, Liver Kebab, etc).

Top 5 must visited places in Vishakhapatnam

  1. Borra Caves :- Stalactite and stalagmite formations and natural enigma overflowing, Borra Caves are located at 1400 meter above sea level in the Anantagiri area of Visakhapatnam. This Place is 69 km away from city centre.


  1. Kailasagiri :- Ask any individual living in Vishakhapatnam the one place he or she has for sure been to. It has to be the Kailasagiri. An attractive and a local favourite, this hill station, Kailasa Giri offers a spectacular view of the sea. This place away 15 km from city centre.


  1. Yarada beach :- one of the most beautiful beach in Vishakhapatnam and Beach Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and located close to Dolphin’s nose, the Yarada beach is a quiet beach to chill by the waves, sip that tender coconut water and occasionally play in the water. This place  away 6 km from city centre.


  1. Dolphin’s nose :- why this place name is dolphin’s nose because if you see this place in the plain or a drone so you see hill shape Very similar to a dolphins nose, this 174 m high rocky headland is situated in the south of Vishakhapatnam. The nose seems to be protruding out towards the Bay of Bengal giving it a rather fascinating look. This place 4 km away from city centre.


  1. Katiki Waterfall :- A distance of 100 steps and a trek of 2 km will take you to a place where a most enchanting sight of Katiki Waterfalls awaits for the tourists.

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