“Allow them to make you better, not bitter”, says Trishala Dutt

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Daughter of the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sarma, Trishala Dutt expressed how she deals with her judgment. She simple say, “unfortunately it comes with the family name” when she was asked “How do you deal with so many people judging you constantly?” in a Q and A session on Instagram.
Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala Dutt reveals details of her longest  relationship, says 'today he has children' | People News | Zee News

Living in such a society where you are being judged for your very action is toxic and exhausting. And especially when you come from a controversial background, you are judged the moment you are exposed to the media. Sadly, Trishala Dutt  says that “I’ve had people judging me since the day I took my first breath, It comes with the family name, unfortunately.” Isn’t it cruel to judge a person merely based on his/her name without the acknowledgment of their work?

She further explained the reason why people judge. “When people feel upset or disconnected from the world, they project their unhappiness on the people they interact with. “They start judging the world around them. Haven’t you noticed? It’s only when we are unhappy with ourselves, and our lives, we begin to judge, blame and criticize those around us. Nobody does this when they’re happy,” she wrote explaining why people judge.

Trishala Dutt being a psychotherapist understands the psychological trauma and impact on one, when he/she is being judged and often uses her social media to raise awareness about various issues. She requests to treat everyone with love, compassion, and respect including those who judge and criticize you harshly, not because they deserve it but because you do.

Passing judgment and criticism might be a harmless activity but results in harmful consequences. Judgment often restricts the ability of a  person to emphasize with the other person. According to few psychologists, one passes judgment when they are threatened by their position in society. According to the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, “Although our conscious minds are avoiding our flaws, they still want to deal with them on a deeper level, so we magnify those flaws in others.” He believes that a person only views the other person as a projection of oneself. And according to American-British psychologist  Raymond Cattell, some people simply express these traits in different ways, at different times, and in different areas of their lives and some may be dominant, and some may be dormant.

As quoted by Earl Nightingale  “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” Simply means that the world is our mirror and judging someone defines the way we are more than it defines who they are. Judging shuts us down and prevents us from understanding the full situation or a new truth that we are unaware of.

Not only the celebrities are the victim of this horrendous act of judgment, but soo are the common people. It a high time to put an end to this act for humanity’s sake. And before judging try understanding the plight of the other person and the situation that moulded him/her in this way.

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