Both Houses of Parliament prorogued till 2 PM!

The first week of the monsoon session has hit with an extensive affray in both the houses of Parliament. On Thursday, the scenario of both the houses Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha had continued with the peak of drama. MPs of the other party has started protest over the issues, including the Pegasus scandal.

When IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was giving his statement on the Pegasus spyware snooping, then members of the oppositions parties tried to cut him off and, amid uproar by them in front of all the members in Parliament. And after that, Trinamool Congress MP Shantanu Sen had crossed all the limits of boorishness. When Mr. Vaishnav was given his statement on Pegasus snooping, he snatched his statement copy paper from his hand and threw it towards the Deputy Chairman.

January 30 Current Affairs

Subsequently, seeing this rampage in the House, Rajya Sabha was later adjourned for tomorrow. It is the third adjournment in the upper house first, till noon and then till 2 PM, When MPs ramble into the Wells of the House, upraising slogans and holding posters.

After seeing the kind of behavior of the MPs, M Venkaiah Naidu, Chairman of the Lok Sabha, slammed the members and said, “Members seem to be not interested in discussing people’s issues,” so, after that, he adjourned the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha earlier on Thursday, 22 July.

On the other hand, the political drama has also continued in Lok Sabha. The proceedings or the Question Hour had barely lasted for 12 minutes in the Parliament House. Members were also protesting here over several issues. Whereas the speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla, had also requested everyone to corporate and sit back on their respective seats, but the MPs ignored him too. Therefore Mr. Birla had adjourned the Lok Sabha till noon.

It is the third session of the Parliament got diminished since the Pandemic has begun. First, it got adjourned in winter last year. And for the monsoon session has started in September in the 2020 year due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

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