Karnataka Govt Permits E-Bike Taxi

INN/Karnataka , @Infodeaofficial

We appreciate the Karnataka government’s decision to let e2W register as a commercial bike taxi. This is a long-awaited step in the right direction and will help people utilize their well-earned assets to earn a livelihood. Owing to the successful pilot of EVs in Delhi, this latest development will further help us amping up our EV services, with the right EV partner, in Bangalore as well.

We also should not forget that most of the Bengaluru citizens currently own a fuel-based two-wheeler, which can help us solve the challenges of traffic congestion and the impact on income due to the pandemic. We are in talks with the state government to consider bikes as a taxi service and hope to see a similar development on this front as well. Rapido already has the infrastructure and demand from users that could be leveraged towards the cause. We are optimistic regarding bike taxi legality becoming a reality soon.

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