No oil leak from Baghjan gas well site in Assam says Oil India

Biplab Das, INN/Kolkata, @infodeaofficial

PSU Giant Oil India Limited (OIL) on Friday said that no oil is streaming into water bodies from a gas well in Assam’s Baghjan following a victory a month ago, as asserted in a video cut which has circulated around the web via web-based networking media. 

Floodwaters have entered the gas well fire site in Tinsukia locale influencing endeavors of the OIL specialists to top the well and splash the burst, the organization said.  A statement released by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) likewise said that the wellhead territory is dry and no oil is streaming into any water body.  

Well, number 5 at Baghjan has been heaving gas wildly since the victory on May 27 and it burst into flames on June 9, murdering two of OIL’s firemen at the site.  In the interim, it has been coming down consistently and different pieces of Baghjan gas well site and three streets prompting the spot from Tinsukia were immersed making it hard to move workforce and gear, OIL said in an announcement. 

The site of helipad reserved before can’t be utilized now in view of the nearness of floodwater out and about and endeavors are on to recognize another site to set up a helipad. Because of the harm of the Doomdooma-Baghjan Bridge, all development on the extension has been suspended. 

OIL had reached the Army for development of a Bailey connects yet it tends to be done simply after the water level retreats, the organization said.  Another extension over Daisajan’s close Daisajan Tea Estate on Tiphuk Kordaiguri Street is crumbling excessively because of the flood. 

Be that as it may, ecological Impact Assessment by M/s ERM is proceeding with an assortment of tests of air, water, soil from various pieces of the region since June 4 as a piece of an examination. 

Because of tumult by individuals, there was creation loss of 88 MT of raw petroleum and 0.14 million metric standard cubic meters (MMSCM) of flammable gas as on Thursday, the organization said including that tasks were disturbed in 13 oil wells and one gas well.

OIL said aggregate creation misfortune since May 27 due to bandhs and bars was 8570 MT unrefined petroleum, 10.99 MMSCM of flammable gas.

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