Epitome of innovation in advertising in India

S.Ganesh, INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial 

Democracies are booming as India and USA as for as advertising is concerned and it is more than 62000 crore industry as internet advertising has touched 8000 or more crores of rupees.  In the USA the Ponds USA or Proctor & Gamble spent more on advertising than entire India put to gether and it is a very big business.  USA’s New York Times used to come with 500 or more pages an issue and all pages carry advertising and imagine the development of advertising in democracies as the India or USA.  

There are 80 thousand or so publications touching nearly 80 million copies in India as TV has grown big numbering as much as500 TV channels and PM Modi’s message of women’s empowerment or modernization is immediately flashed.  True, this happy situation needs to continue and go on as communism has literally gone and free market enterprises or economies in transition has come about.

Advertising is used in politics as Congress advertisements were seen more during campaign featuring Rahul Gandhi and in the US candidates attack each other directly in advertisements or commercials.  Many products are on display in advertising in today’s competitive market economy and there is a tradition of one company or product saying you can do literally anything but don’t buy competitors products. This scenario is continuing to be healthy in a vibrant democracy as the USA or India and nothing serious happens between two competing companies.

Many cricketing celebrities in the past gave testimonial views of products as Sachin Tendulkar Kapil Dev Rahul Dravid or Mohammed Azaruddin to say a few.  Krishnamachari Srikkanth also was seen in some advertisements as well as Sunil Gavaskar too.  Former Indian captain Venkat Raghavan was also featured in some advertisements too.  This shows that advertising is a need to catch market and you got to be in it to make it big.

Many developmental schemes launched by PM Modi should reach people and get appreciation from them as the mood is set on Modi magic today.  The fact that Congress which used to win twice when BJP can manage one myth is defeated because of this person and people want development at all cost irrespective of family or no family.  People want to be like in every other country and even some Arabic movies as Body Guard says the development is not without its strings or like.  Advertising messages have to take Modi magic to all who have or not and participate in this grand nation building process.

Advertising is in need in all societies be a closed or open one and today one can’t do without advertising It is a force to reckon with in all and it can make or mar a development or non -development product or project. It is great going for advertising and we move on with it.

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