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Roohi movie is a horror-comedy & thrill which is not ominous but rather comical. The plot revolves around two small-town boys Bhaura Pandey (Rajkummar Rao) and Kattani Qureshi (Varun Sharma). They kidnap girls and force them to marry their clients. One fine day they ran into Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor). She appears ordinary but eventually, they realise she is not that simple. She has another side to her frightful personality. They all are stuck in a strange place when Kattani and Bhaura develop a feeling for Roohi. However, Kattani falls for Afza, who was Roohi’s lookalike. The romance brews between the trio as Bhaura wants to get rid of Afza, while Kattani wants to make sure she lives on.

We have seen several horror dramas in the Indian Film Industry. Amar Kaushik’s Stree has a significant amount of suspense to it as a horror-comedy. However, the two main protagonists of Roohi soon unveil the mystery leaving not much anticipation to it. The plot is knit around the unfortunate ritual of “pakdaai shaadi,” where young women are forced into unwanted marriages. It is still a common practice in several states of India. To source a comedy from a sensitive issue like this one makes it disappointing. The plot seems incomplete, with an even bland climax.

The movie is average and could have been a lot better. It is not as thrilling to most as it was supposed to be. The issue of pakdaai marriage came up in the movie, and it’s good to make people aware of such social issues. But they did not do justice to its portrayal.


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