IRCTC website has new feature

Can predict chances of getting a confirmed ticket

By- SVS, @svs037, INN/ Chennai;

T Gautaman who leaves to Coimbatore from Chennai on official work often has to keep guessing over chances of his waitlisted ticket turning into a confirmed ticket.

Tense moments in their minds would often bog them down, for people like him book tickets in the last moment, chances of a waitlisted turning into a confirmed ticket can’t be predictable under such circumstances.

But from now on, such tense moments may not last long, thanks to a new feature on IRCTC website that can predict if waitlisted tickets can turn into confirmed tickets. According to sources, IRCTC website has been revamped and
lot of features have been added to it, one them being the one that can predict the chances of waitlisted tickets or RAC tickets turning into confirmed ones.

Other features
The new revamped IRCTC website has several new passenger friendly measures – from no requirement of login to check train status and availability of tickets to an easier user interface.

The new software developed by CRIS (Centre For Railway Information Systems) is said to make use of historical data to predict the chances of a ticket getting confirmed.

Explaining this, a railway official said the feature on the IRCTC website for waitlisted passengers makes use of two years of data on a particular date to come up with the chance of the ticket getting confirmed.

For example, if a passenger books a ticket to Coimbatore from here on 5 July 2018, the software will go to the data on the same date on 2017 and 2016 and analyse to what extent the waitlisted tickets got confirmed on those days and also other data trends the probability will be generated, said the official.

The thing doesn’t stop with that, the new feature also shows other trains and dates of departure to choose from. Railway official further said this feature will help the passenger take a good decision.

There is another thing too
The new IRCTC website also has an enhanced VIKALP scheme feature that allows passengers to opt for trains on the previous day of the chosen departure date as well. Earlier, VIKALP scheme offered alternate trains on the same day of the chosen train’s departure date or the next day.

If feature predicts high chances of waitlisted ticket getting confirmed, passenger perhaps will not have the need for an alternative, they can go ahead with booking on their first choice.

A senior railway official said that there are similar services on other portals, however, data of Indian Railways is more and is accurate, their software is more on target.


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