Celebrate love at Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen

By: Pritha Banerjee, @mepritha2012, INN Kolkata;

Chicken Yatkori with cocktail Bullet

This Valentine’s Day gift your partner a special evening.I believe no gift says, “I love you”, quite better than food. So, Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen at 11/1 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata is celebrating Valentine’s week with Actress Sayani Datta. It is the perfect destination for all the lovebirds in the city to spend a special evening with your partner. The interior of the place is quirky and the colour combination of red, peach, and brown matches with the season of love.

In this look, actress Sayani Datta is wearing a golden cocktail dress by Nandita Thirani matched with glittering golden pair of shoes and a statement clutch. Styling by Deesha Thakkar

The actress recently acted in a Bengali comedy-drama movie, Michael (2017). In conversation with the bloggers, Sayani Datta expressed her ideas about Valentines’ Day. She says, “Even though Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love, I believe any day can be a day of love if you want it to be.” She believes in celebrating all kinds of love, be it for your lover or mother. 

The bar is open from 12 noon to midnight and offers a range of cocktails for you to choose.  If you are going on a date or with your group of friends the restaurant offers seating arrangements for both. There are cozy and comfy corners for couples who want some privacy and big sofas and long tables for birthdays or bachelor parties.

Chicken Lasooni tikka

Out of all the dishes, I loved chicken preparations the most. Chicken Lasoonitikka and Chicken Yatkor are my absolute favorite. My combination for the couples celebrating Valentine’s Day would be the dishes that go well with red wine. I prefer a steak with bold red wine with concentrated flavors. If you can handle a little spicy food, try chicken dynamite. As the name suggests, the dish is prepared on a spicy sauce with veggies giving a dynamite flavor explosion in your mind. It works well as an appetizer. If you are a vegetarian, worry not; try crackling spinach on the side of your favorite wine. If you and your Valentine enjoy cocktails and mocktails, try Bullet or Vietnami’s Apple Tea for something innovative. When it comes to desserts chocolate will always be my first love, but Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen offers some unique dishes for you to try. If you don’t like your dessert too sweet, Darsan, a Chinese delicacy, is a good choice. 

Sayani Datta looked beautiful in an orange skirt from Suman Nathwani by Khyati, paired with a nude floral painted lace v neck camisole top from Shein along with a black leather jacket from Zara.
Accessories from Sakshi Jhunjhunwala- Geometric earrings and a double heart shaped rhinestone ring.

So, all those working couples, who missed Valentine’s Day’s special treat, head to Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen for a perfect evening this weekend.  

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