Life changes with time

By: Erlinda J. Fronda, @lynfronda23, Philippines;

Erlinda J. Fronda

Maybe as we grow older, we see the world with a different perspective. We come to the point that no one is aware to what they called “changes”. But if you convince yourself and know the worth of it in what you are and what you can do, you will be most likely to shoulder the responsibilities which comes along.

Adolescence is the period we spend most of our time with friends, mingling with andeasily get acquainted to almost everyone. This is the period when we never feel shy and figured out that no one lives by itself alone.

Like me for instance, at that period, having a jolly spirit and a friendly soul, I was never tired to go places with my friends finding adventures to explore. I never sat idle in the house and let the hours pass by without friends coming over for a chat. I had full of innovative and amazing ideas as well as excellent thoughts against time. Those days were full of magnetic aura and enthusiasms about life. But nothing stays the same forever as we grow up into adulthood and definitely we change our ways.

Although, there was a poignant reminder from happy times with friends, we choose to face the reality that no one enjoys the life that was once experienced by going back to what was already happened and long gone.

As an adult, they tend to make their own ways to live life in their own ways. Some decided to have their own families while some are not. And friends were set aside not momentarily but until they’ve realized that they were already separated by commitments and responsibilities. They became closer to their families, cared only for themselves and stopped trying to please others.

Actually, we really don’t lose friends as we get older but we only care less about our friends and we became more keen in loving ourselves for the better.

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