Friendship Day: A day for the support systems of life

By- Shreya Jain, INN/Chennai, Infodeaofficial   

First Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. A day reserved for the support system of our lives, our friends. These people may not be related to us by blood, but the mind-heart connection is something equivalent to its uniqueness. On Friendship Day, a beautiful moment becomes anecdotal. A friend is someone who can recognize your happiness and misery from the face of your face.

True friendship is free from the shackles of judgement, separation, ego and all the individual parameters that lead to the demise of other relations. Although such friendship is rare in today’s era, it has not gone extinct yet. The friend is like an X-ray machine that makes you aware of your evils on your face and appreciates your positives behind your back. Their role in our life is irreplaceable. Happiness is only real when shared and friends make every moment feel alive.

What is the first thing which strikes your mind when you hear the movie name ‘Anand’? The film’s famous duo, Abhishek Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna, resent themselves in your mind with their Babu Moshai conversations. This film looks beautiful with the friendship between the doctor and the patient, unique and extraordinary in its own way.


Of course, who can forget the evergreen and iconic Jai and Veeru in the film Sholay. The movie radiates the aura of true friendship where this duo is ready to kill and die for each other, no matter if the odds are stacked against them.

It is a mischievous love friendship; Apart from making 3 idiots out of it, to save life, to escape the girl, something happens, “Love is friendship” .That is why it is very important to have friendship in the recipe of life.

For some people, Friendship Day means to have a party together with others to watch movies and go out, so some people share their happiness by meeting with their close friends

Friendship day holds a special place in the heart of young and old. When Infodea asked people to celebrate Friendship and celebrate it, people expressed their vivid meanings of what this auspicious day means to them.

Majority of youth had plans with the time and place of the party , while many did not even know about it. Some even said that we have no information about it that there is a special day for friends to meet and celebrate friendship. There is no time for people to meet people in today’s life.

Good friends are like flowers

Good friends are like flowers that we cannot even break and cannot leave. These flowers are sometimes used for worship and sometimes decorate. In the same way, friends are useful and collaborative in many ways in our lives. Therefore it is necessary that we take care of these flowers.” Naresh Rakhecha



Real friend touches your heart

Everyone makes friends, but a real friend touches your heart and he goes home. There are many people who work with true friends in today’s selfish atmosphere. The time of the purchase identifies you as a true friend, who keeps your hand till you do not get out of that raging situation.” Pukhraj


True friend feels your fears but strengthens your faith

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you his strength. Feels your fears but strengthens your faith. Looks at your worries but frees your soul. Recognizes your disability but insists on your prospects.” Poorvi Jain

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