Indians- Stuck between Romance and Family

Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?”- A quote to which all the “Before Trilogy” fans would relate here.

By: Meghna Khanna @Khanna_meghna10, INN, New Delhi ;

NO, this article is not based on a film or Hollywood culture. As you know that Valentine’s is around the corner this article is about love.

Many people here might think that I will be narrating a love story or talking about how to express love with your lovers this Valentine but…
Hey. Hi, I am here to draw your attention towards the basic yet very serious problems related to love marriages in India even today.

We the Indians living in the 21st Century, tend to call ourselves educated, more aware, developed and modernised. But are we actually what we pretend to be? 

Adapting the western culture, celebrating their festival, we Indian have reached a point where we are celebrating Valentine’s week today but does that really matter?
Don’t you think that our nation and its people are still bound with the stereotypical thinking and backward mindset when it comes to relationships, dating and love marriage?

Today, even when certain organisations in our country oppose the celebration of this day by saying that we should celebrate it as “Parents Day” and we should spend time with them instead, how many youngsters do you think are following this? I guess the number would be easy to count.

Acceptance of love marriage is a big taboo in India till date and it is very regretful of me to talk about this issue while you all are busy making Romantic cards and planning dates with your partners.

Hearing a request to ban family killings over “dishonour”, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra in a hearing said when two adults marry, no one has the right to interfere.

“Whether it is parents, society or anyone, they are out of it. No one, either individual or collective, or group, has the right to interfere with the marriage,” said the Chief Justice.

But is it actually followed in northern India as the chief justice commented on the hearing?

Even today, wars are fought within families and among families when the relationships and affairs of their children are caught or heard.

We tend to believe that we are following western tradition but the question is – are we really ready to adopt the culture as it is with the narrow-mindedness and societal influence we have on us.

Therefore, it is important to realize the need for broadening

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