Embrace highs, exclude lows

By: Erlinda J. Fronda, @lynfronda23, INN, Philippines;

It’s in our system that sometimes we can be so moody without any valid reasons.We feel those strange and weird feelings of anger, or loneliness. Our mood suddenly become cranky when we want something but it turns out to be impossible to get or when we are anxious to certain things but it doesn’t turn out the way we want and sometimes our mood changes into lonesomeness or agitation when we are missing someone.

Knowing that our time on earth is limited and we have so much in life to be grateful for, why not switch our minds into different perspective and avoid being futile because of a bad mood that lingers. When we are waiting for something and it takes ages to happen or there’s a feeling that it won’t be for real, the tendency is to get upset with a feeling of grumpiness.Sometimes we let our judgement cloud the reality and our annoyance seems like we won’t save anybody’s soul from our wrath.

Researchers from the University of Warwick and Darmouth College found out that eating enough vegetables and fruits had the highest mental well – being which include factors like happiness, nervousness and feeling low. Dehydration, exhaustion, lack of sleep and rest contributes to lack of focus and a bad mood.

Somehow,it’s better to divert our thoughts to something else hoping for a miracle to come and let everything good flow to us. We have to find a way to avoid temptation to become cynical in our approach to life because everything that is not working out will eventually work out in time depending on how we accept the fact that changing moods can be sometimes avoided by focusing on something else that will snap you out from your current dilemma.For example, listening to music or reading good books or even going out.

Remember, we are all gifted with wide imaginations, power and strength to think and work things out for ourselves to combat the feelings of being moody… afterall, being moody or cranky is just all in our minds affecting our senses to feel down and out and we don’t need magic to transform us. Don’t be an antagonist to your ownself by entertaining your bad moods.

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