Helping others at a young age

By- Sonia Devi, INN/ Bangalore, @infodeaofficial

The kind of reimbursement and euphoria that one feel while helping others is incomparable. It is believed that a helping hand is of an angel’s hand. No matter who you are, what you do and from where you belong, helping others cannot be measured and it’s beyond the realms of religion, caste, creed or color. While it’s a general perception that people understand the importance of helping after attaining a certain level of maturity, there are youngsters who learn from their surroundings and understand from what they face. 23-year old Paul Kalita from Guwahati learnt from what he faced when he was 19 years old. A visit to the Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai to see his aunt undergoing cancer treatment changed his mind and heart as he witnessed something unexpected. Having seen other cancer patients who were dealing with similar struggles like his aunt, Paul felt that an urge to do something for them.

 He decided to go ahead with his thoughts on helping someone and try to change to their lives. Paul donated blood to a 5-year old girl who had blood cancer. Having felt an inner bliss on seeing a smile on the girl’s face, Paul gained more determination to continue with his efforts.

From that moment, Paul engaged himself in many social activities like participating in blood donation camps, helping in flood relief camps focusing on children and spending quality time with kids at orphanage. “When the children come near you and hug you with all their love, you just can’t consume that affection all together because that is so over-whelming and emotional. You can see in their eyes how grateful and happy they are”, Paul says. Two years back, he and his friends also worked together to provide drinking water and food items like biscuits, rice, pulses, and veggies for flood-affected victims in various areas of Assam.

Having not joined any NGO, Paul and his like-minded group of friends work together for social welfare activities and gather information to reach out to the needy.

“I get support from my family and friends. My mother, father and sister has always been my fulcrum and backbone”, Paul adds.

Our society need more youngsters like Paul Kalita, who is always eager to help the needy and taking this up as a responsible youngster.  

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