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Homosexuality Through Perspectives

Tanya Sinha, IIN/Chennai, @tsinha42 The constitution of India has rights for every individual irrespective of any differences. In a country where inter- caste marriages are still an ongoing fight between the masses, will the demolition...


Helping others at a young age

By- Sonia Devi, INN/ Bangalore, @infodeaofficial The kind of reimbursement and euphoria that one feel while helping others is incomparable. It is believed that a helping hand is of an angel’s hand. No matter who you...


Embrace highs, exclude lows

By: Erlinda J. Fronda, @lynfronda23, INN, Philippines; It’s in our system that sometimes we can be so moody without any valid reasons.We feel those strange and weird feelings of anger, or loneliness. Our mood suddenly...