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Culture is the parasol of the ideas, beliefs, art, the etiquette of the distinct society, city, state, and country. This heritage has given by our ancestors. It is an artifact that keeps us connected with the old and golden era of our ancestors. India is a country which has known for its amusing cultures that embrace contrasting elements. Because of its rich heritage, it makes India diverse. Each & every state has its magnificent heritage & folklore. Culture includes several components such as dance, music, language, art, food, attire, etc. These components are salient which concern the prospect of the amusing culture & custom.
Gujarat culture has an admirably strong culture of India. The Gujaratis [people who live in Gujarat] are the soul of Gujarat, which holds their heritage and passing to generation to generation. From its natural landscaping to its food, from its vibrating clothing to its old mesmerizing music, from its colorful handicrafts to joyful festivals, these are some main reasons which make Gujarat perfectly splendid in all its way. These are the things that make
Gujarat vigorously.
The art & culture of Gujarat is not only famous in the country but also eulogize across the planet. People love their handicrafts products and stuff which resemble the Gujarati art forms. These products include furniture, jewelry, embroidered garments, leatherwork, metalwork, baked clay articles, and mirror work. Patola sarees are double ikat woven saree made from silk that intricates the Gujarati art forms. Women love to wear such patterns and have the immense demand for such a Saree. These vibrating patterns of art forms assemble the heritage into high norms.
Music is the other component that contributes to the rich culture. SUGAM SANGEET is the folk music of Gujarat which has a lot of buff amongst the people. Several musical instruments such as Turi, Manjira, Ektaro, Jantar, Zanz pot drum, Prabhati, Dhol, and Ravan hat tho embellish the music into melody. Bhajans also assimilated into Gujarati folk music.
Gujarati has diverse traditional dance forms too, which makes them enthusiastic and laudable. Dandiya Raas, Garba, Padhar, and Garbi are some of the loveable dance forms of Gujarat. Dandiya Raas’ has performed by the men and the women along with their Dandiyas [made up of bamboo sticks]. This dance form has an adorable history. People dance in this alluring form on the belief of the ‘Lord Krishna’ and his beloved Gopis. Garba is another dance form that has
performed in a circular motion by the male and the female. It usually does on the occasion of Nav Durga for giving esteem to the Almighty. It is the divine form that embraces the elegancy. Garbi has customarily performed by the men using Dhol, Manjiras. Padhar is the other dance form mainly performed by the rural communities near Nal Lake.
Though embracing the belief in the numerous art forms & culture, Gujaratis also have faith & believe in Almighty. Gujarat embraces the different religious faiths. The state witnesses religions like Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism. Though it also captivates the thought of amalgamation.
Discourse the dialect, Gujarati is the natal tongue of Gujarat, which has a widely spoken language in the state. Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language derived from Sanskrit and is the 26th most used language across the world. Gujarati is the saccharine language; that has adored by people.
The fair and the festivals of Gujarat are like an add a feather in a cap. Festivals & fairs disport the authenticity and tinge of the rich heritage & customs. Navratri Mahotsav, Deepawali, Rathyatra and Kite festival is the most adulated festival of Gujarat, where thousands of people come to concur with the celebration. Besides, some fairs have also assembled in the state every year, namely- Shamlaji Melo, Bhadra Purnima Fair, and Mahadev Fair. Such fairs and festivals give the essence of delicate accompanied with melodious music, dance, and natural refinement.

Gujaratis people are like epicures. The traditional Gujarati food is too tempting. It contains dal, roti, rice, vegetables, salad, chaas, farsan, followed by a sweet dish. Gujarati savory dishes include dhokla, fafda, khandvi, dhal Dhokli, Undhiyu, Handvo, Ganthia, Dal Wada, Khakhra, and Thepla. These appetite dishes would indubitably delight the mood. Aside from Patola sarees [traditional attire of Gujarat], Chania Cholis are also the most popular attire of Gujarat that has wear on the occasion of Navratri by the females. A unique attire is known as Kediya dress wear by men during the Navratri season. Abhas is the other peculiar garb of the Katch region. The Gujarati culture is the uttermost alluring culture idolized by the people. The surfeit of its distinctive traditions and customs have notion with pure amiability and beatific.

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