Congress offer olive branch to g-23 to let netas retain key post

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad

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The letter has been mistaken by the party which was written by congress to G-23 group in order to reconsider whether the leaders are complying with their respective posts. The congress wants to confirm that the post given to the congress leaders and working well.

AICC finalises three MLC candidates' names

AICC department want them to retain their posts, the department is concerned about the credibility and the organisational responsibility of the leaders. After the chairman of the AICC ‘legal and human rights department’ Vivek Tankha has stepped down the party wants the senior Lok Sabha MP Sashi Tharoor should stay on as the chairman of the ‘AICC professional congress’ department. Anand Sharma will be the continuing as the chairman of the department of foreign affairs. The sources have still not confirmed that weather Anand is approached since he is also a congress working committee member. Party still trying to know the mindset of the G-23 working committee. After this move by the congress needs to fill-up some of the vacancies in AICC departments(fore SC, ST and OBCs).

Congress is now under pressure after the death of Rajiv Satav and with exit of Jatin Parasada. Now Gujrat and West Bengal needs new managers to undergo the changes.

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