Private sector’s brilliance in products, innovation and Media’s role in it

By S.Ganesh, @infodeaofficial, INN Chennai;

S. Ganesh – Faculty – Electronic Media & Visual communication, HCAS

In private sectors, buildings look better than any other and the situation is same be it India or America as others could not do so ,effectively and it shows the system that works effectively today better than before. PM Modi’s approach to everything is all about modernizing India, empowering those without literacy, Women and castes in general and it is same like the ideology behind America’s own success story. 

 PM Modi says building toilet in every house in India in his Swach Bharat campaign featuring actress VidyaBalan.  Modi’s modernization drive has been welcomed and received appreciation from everyone. 
Private sector’s Chevrolet cars look better when compared to others as private sector has been working hard to make things happen.  PM Modi’s drive and President Obama’s popular moves in winning educated elite’s confidence always helped in many ways as policies and plans are underway so that People of the nations enjoy well and make products or services more effective and efficient. Mere  words or  verbal messages are not convincing people, but good or well made products and services help everyone and people are appreciating  PM Modi efforts. 
Mr. MukeshAmbani’s move to invest 5000 crore rupees is a welcome measure for Bengal same as PM Modi’s speech to fight protectionism recently.  Private sector gives importance to merit on serious level and only the best conquers it.  This has helped people in power, positions to be  their best to survive and is evident in countries as India, USA etc.  The policy makers of USA whether Republican or Democrat like India because of its private sector orientation in many ways. This is evident in recent news  in media regarding such relations as Americans prefer Hindu India over Christian China and hence forth. 
Media plays a powerful role in informing, educating or enlightening people on private sector’s product services effectively, to win support for such services and products.  When proper communication takes place people will definitely patronize such products and services in large number and would help hand in hand to PM Modi for building the nation effectively in cashless service. Oriented economy or society effectively more marketing activities would become easier and people will be benefited from new  products ,achievements and services. 

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