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You can ride the Artificial Intelligence wave for a successful career. Infodea News Network  lists a few ways to do so

Even in the midst of a somewhat stagnant job market in India, a recent survey revealed that the demand for AI-proficient programmers is skyrocketing, with a requirement of nearly 5,000 such candidates in Bangalore alone.


Another study indicated that the demand for AI algorithm programming talent increased by 304 per cent between 2014 and 2017. With machine learning algorithms and AI adding to the depressed job market in India and in many places around the globe, having programming skills, especially in writing machine learning,  AI algorithm programs would increase the demand for you in the job market.

As more and more companies start using AI processes to their conventional business models, the demand for AI-proficient professionals is guaranteed to go through the roof.

Provide important skills

Like all languages, programming languages have their own logic and syntax. However, becoming a good programmer is not the same as becoming fluent in a language — at the heart of programming is understanding a problem, and crafting a process to resolve it. Learning the nitty gritties of programming would enhance your ability to recast a problem in a different light, and figure out how to resolve it logically. Programming, therefore, has the capacity to improve your problem-solving abilities and cognitive approach, in addition to providing process and technical skills. While you might already possess those skills in some measure, adding to them is definitely helpful. Further, according to various global economic survey reports, complex problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities are the skills with the highest projected growth in demand till 2020.

Automating your work

One of the biggest advantages of AI is its inability to feel fatigue or get bored — something no human being is immune to. In nearly every job, there is some proportion of drudgery or repetitive work — e-mailing responses and generating reports of the work you do are some of the most common forms of this. If you possess the right AI skills, you can utilise it to write code that will do the drudge work for you and leave you free to enjoy the creative aspects of your work. Human operators are one of the biggest sources of error in complex systems, especially due to boredom. Automating these aspects of your work will prevent errors, make you more efficient, enable you to focus on the work that matters more, and is likely to improve your job performance manifold.

Fusion of the old and  new

With the AI revolution coming in full force, businesses operating on more conventional processes and models would need to transform their systems to integrate AI into them. Creating AI or machine learning systems to do such work would require a deep knowledge of how these processes currently operate. For example, creating a software to do legal research would require a thorough understanding of the different sources of law, the relative value of different sources, and how to glean the relevant precedent from the information. Thus, these companies will need people who are fluent both in programming AI as well as the skills and information pertaining to their domain. Possessing AI programming skills in addition to domain-specific knowledge and skills would leave you in a prime position to undertake this kind of work.

Powering the change

As indicated earlier, it is only a matter of time before nearly all conventional modes of work become intrinsically linked to AI and machine learning. However, even though machine learning systems already have the capacity, they have not yet been applied to all forms of work, or in certain countries.

For example, even though several countries now have disruptive start-ups leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms driving lending and risk assessment, a vast majority of loans today are still approved by human beings. Learning how to program AI-leveraging platforms can be fused with your knowledge of any domain to create new solutions for existing companies.

Instead of working for a company to try to make them catch up, you could set up your own enterprise to compete with them in that field or sell to an entire industry a readymade AI solution that will bring them up-to-date with the current state of AI. Instead of being a casualty of the change, you can lead it to achieve true success.

AI programming continues to be a cutting-edge application in the technological space, and there  various resources that can help you in learning these technologies. Several institutions provide courses on AI programming, with flexible options that allow you to learn over weekends, especially e-learning institutions. Do take care to find a world-class institution with expert faculty from within the industry, to get the most for your time and money.

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