‘People come to Delhi not to meet Central Ministers, but to meet Modi government’

INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial

Citizens usually go to meet ministers and raise their complaints with the previous governments to Delhi, but today politicians come to meet citizens because it is Governance under PM Narendra Modi Ji.

Addressing a rally following the launch of the Nellore Fish Food Festival, Union Fisheries Minister Parshottam Rupala stated, “Sagar parikarma has given me this opportunity to roam around all the coastal areas of India and understand the problem of the fishermen community and find solutions for it.”

I and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have always had a special affection for the fishing community, which is why the PM established a separate ministry for fisheries.

The Prime Minister has introduced a special initiative called Matasya Sampada, and I am pleased to report that the largest sum has been authorised for Andhra Pradesh.

Seediri Appalaraju, Minister of fisheries in Andhra Pradesh, has proposed two new projects.

I travelled to Arkatpalyam on my way to Nellore and visited the fishing community, who requested a separate jetty and were told that it will be granted to them soon.

During my last visit to Puducherry, the lieutenant governor TamilIsai Saunderjan, who is also a doctor, told me that eating fish is excellent for your health.

I am from Gujarat, and you must be aware of Amul, it has reached to this level because of its quality and publicity and advertising, so we must recognise the importance of promoting and advertising aquaculture and marine food.

I’ll go across the coastal belt informing people about the Kisan credit card, which is also available to fisherman.

The major goal of Sagar Parikarma is to learn about the problems facing the fishing community and to develop solutions.

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