Ministers have increased but not COVID vaccines: Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at Modi govt

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
Twitter-@SGiggle29 @Infodeaofficial

On Sunday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jab at the federal government, claiming that while the number of ministers has increased, the number of COVID vaccines has not. He also showed a graph depicting the average number of vaccinations given every day, which is falling short of the goal of vaccinating all people by December 2021.

“The number of ministers has increased, but the number of vaccines has not,” Gandhi stated in a Hindi tweet with the hashtag “WhereAreVaccines.”

His remarks come after the Modi government appointed 43 new ministers, bringing the total number of ministers to 77.

Gandhi’s chart depicted India’s vaccine equation, which attempts to halt the third wave of COVID-19.

According to the graph, the goal is to vaccinate 60% of the population with both doses by December 2021, with an 8.8 million vaccination rate each day.

However, it was pointed out that actual immunizations in the previous seven days averaged 3.4 million per day, leaving a 5.4 million-per-day gap. It also stated that the actual vaccination on July 10 was 3.7 million, resulting in a 5.1 million shortage for the day.

The Congress has raised the problem of a vaccine scarcity in the country, urging the federal administration to speed up vaccinations, claiming that it is the only way to prevent the third wave of COVID-19.

The BJP retaliated against the opposition by criticising the performance of Congress-controlled states and accusing it of fostering vaccination aversion.

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