Why a Patriotic Education Can Be Valuable

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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A patriot is one who loves their country and is willing to die for it. A patriotic education would be teaching students about Respect and love for their country. It is not about blindly following the beliefs and cultural values of the country. It is to take pride in one’s origin and work for the prosperity of the country. Patriotism is very important because the feeling must be born in the youth of the country so they act as responsible citizens. Youth is the future of the nation and for the bright future of the country, they need to protect and preserve the nation’s identity.

Ministers want education system to make students more patriotic | Latest  News India - Hindustan Times

Patriotic education will play a vital role because peace and harmony will be maintained through patriotism. Teaching patriotism to children is not about coaching them to be soldiers and sending them off to war. When the citizen has the spirit of brotherhood, they will support one another. Youngsters must get familiar with the significance of our nation’s sacrifice and should regard them.

Teachers at school should educate kids to respect the warriors who are serving us on the borders for our security. When the young generation understands the centrality of their country and the value of being a citizen of this country, they feel progressively inclined towards adding worth to their networks and grow up to be dynamic, mindful citizens of the country.

The propaganda of provoking the emotional side of people through the sacrifices of soldiers and their contributions. People argue that soldiers are living a tough life just because of our safety. They are risking their lives for us. Teaching patriotism is important not for the sake of the country, but for the students personal development as well. The right teaching today can safeguard the country tomorrow and that it is all about.

Rani Lakshmi Bai, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and Maulana Azad were some of the famous patriots of India. Rani Lakshmi Bai was one of the famous patriots of the country. Her courage and bravery are still talked about. It is important to show patriotism in our actions and be proud of the country we live in. We all need to always stay united and devoted to the betterment of our nation.

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