When all roads lead to Chennai

With the increasing numbers of students from various parts of the country and world, the city is becoming an education hub

By INN, Chennai, @infodeaofficial;

There is no denying that Chennai has many educational institutions that cater not just to the need of the students from the State, but students from across India and abroad. Apart from the known fact that Chennai has a number of universities and colleges that offer courses in science, arts and commerce courses, the city has a lot of institutions that run certificate and diploma courses in a number of alternative fields as well. However, the ‘educational trend’, which the students have been following over the years, has been quite standard and straightforward. The Engineering and Medical College admission in the best institutions of the lot only see an increase in admissions year after year.

What makes our city all the more special is the fact that most of institutions in other parts of India sans a few metropolitan cities offer the usual graduation courses only. However, Chennai has varied courses to offer to the students. For instance, while University of Madras, Anna University, IIT-Madras and Ramachandra University find a place in the city, Sathyabhama University off OMR, AMET University and Maritime University off ECR and SRM University in the southern end of the city – all of them on the outskirts – offer many courses the attract students towards them. The list is on… Chennai being the capital of Tamil Nadu offers offbeat job opportunities in many fields. It has big and small automotive and mechanical production units. The big hospitals, hotels, channels and media organizations require fresh and young talents every year.

The courses offered like BSc in Electronic Media, Visual Communication, Journalism, Hotel Management and Fashion Technology, are some of the courses the demand of which went higher over the last decade. Chennai being a centre of fashion, film, art, and drama is another factor that it attracts students from various parts of world here. Kalakshetra is also one of best examples where students from abroad come to study art and culture courses.

In other parts of the country, students don’t get such alternative courses that give a degree or diploma from an authorized university. This is exactly why students from the northern parts of the country, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and even Delhi come to study here. Radio, cinema, animation courses also attract students towards them. There are many institutions that offer short and long term courses, which immediately enroll most of the students in their respective fields.

According to reports, Tamil Nadu needs more people employed in unconventional jobs that cater to the demand of the population. The growing number of industries means more number of jobs. Government development plans showing the way to growth, which again indicate a rise in service sector, lead to an increase in job opportunities. A number of placement agencies help young talents find job in their respective fields too. This is one of the main reasons why many students opt for Chennai.

Now, if we look at the data of the past decade, we can easily find that there is huge increase in the number of students coming to Chennai from across the country and world. However, there are some students who feel that a couple of things can undergo alterations. Language and cultural difference top the list, making some students opt out to other cities. Food, which is one of the crucial needs, too is different. There are a few hotels that offer North Indian food but despite the assumed fact that North Indians prefer South Indian food, the reverse seems to be hold true. To avoid such problems, many institutions have different kinds of food facility on their campuses. One of the major problems that students encounter in Chennai is loneliness and homesickness, as they stay in a place where culture and language are poles apart. But availability of educational institutions and jobs will fade out all these troubles for them.



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