Education and mental health: good reasons to vaccinate children

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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Vaccination is one of the safest and most beneficial medical interventions. Vaccines have been developed for various diseases and are being used for centuries and some of them for decades. Vaccines go through a lot of processes before they are administered and the concerned researchers or scientists spare effort to ensure their optimum performance.

Mental Health ISSUES IN SCHOOL: A SILENT EPIDEMIC | Interprofessional  Practice Blog

The majority of parents choose to vaccinate their children according to the recommended schedule, but many parents still faced dilemmas about the administration of vaccines for their children. Children can be infected and suffer just like adults. However, there are few reasons why we don’t see them on the vaccine priority list.

As children are unable to go to school, they have to attend online classes because of COVID-19, and school closure can affect learning, lead to anxiety and depressive symptoms, exacerbate tensions, or even social inequalities.

The lockdown has affected many people in many ways, students are one of the worst hits. Anxiety-related to exam preparations and exam results becomes worse due to the repeated postponement of exams and attending exams online or in ways not attempted before. Online schooling, the newly introduced method of teaching can be unfavorable for a higher number of students as of difficulties related to understanding materials, technical issues, lack of interest in attending classes, limited access to online schooling materials.

We must protect children from the mental and physical effects of lockdown and other restrictions, or effects of insufficient restrictions, such as school closures due to infection spread. Ending the pandemic is essential to enable children to enjoy their joyful  childhood and including their relationships with friends. The vaccination of children against coronavirus would be the best way to insulate them from the risk of class closures, secure their continued access to education, and protect their mental health.

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